Courier & Delivery Service

Edora Express does many things. Courier service. Priority transportation. Dispatch logistics.

But we are much more than any one of those things. We are a leader and an innovator when it comes to logistics companies.

As the product of one of the nation’s largest and most successful Amazon Delivery Service Partner contracts, we have made a name for ourselves in scheduled delivery. For the past five years, Founder and CEO David Looper and Vice President Eric G. Isaacs have been constructing a reimagined way of same-day delivery that could significantly benefit businesses in the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio, areas.

What Makes Edora Different?

At Edora we are not interested in being the leaders in sales. We want to be the leaders in intuitive logistics and evolution. There are five pillars of our business that make us stand out from the rest.


Edora Express, as a 3PL company, can scale a company’s space, labor cost, and transportation depending on the required service. Manufacturers, suppliers, and other producers can uniquely grow into new territories with less hassle.

In other words, we see you as a partner, not merely as a client. When you succeed, we succeed. We are deeply committed to making sure that as you grow you are provided with the delivery logistics that you need to make sure you’ll always be able to reach the next goal, hit the next target, and exceed your expectations.

Time and Cost Savings

When your business recognizes that success relies on a certain level of efficiency, that's where Edora Express can have a considerable impact.

Rather than your company allocating money and resources toward building and maintaining a warehouse and determining how to transport goods or services, Edora Express eliminates those costs and stress while freeing up your key employees to focus on the manufacturing, strategic planning, and operational process that speeds up the business growth.

You see, with the proper application of logistics services and same-day delivery, we make it so that you’re never sitting on too much inventory and product when you could instead be investing your time and money into growing your business.

Flexibility and Reliability

When your customers need things at the last minute, Edora Express’s same-day delivery service lets you respond to them quickly and at any time, giving you the advantage over your competitors. Edora Express will be available any time you need us.

And we are willing to put our money where our mouth is, giving you access to not just a faceless customer service representative, but we give you a direct line to our Vice President. An emergency mobile number can reach him immediately, any time, so that you know that when you have a problem you are our top priority. You could say that “the buck stops here.”

So even if you need our services outside of office hours (even overnight or at weekends), we are here to help.

Safe and Secure

Edora Express will almost always give same-day delivery, acting as priority couriers, meaning you won't have to wait on conventional mail to get your products from point A to point B.

This advantage is that your product will be handled much more carefully and individually by people you can grow to know, rather than being one of many in the back of an unknown delivery van.

You can track your delivery, and your delivery courier will handle your order with the utmost care. The experts handling your product are held to a higher standard.

Customer Satisfaction

As a leader among dispatch companies, we believe that your success is how we should gauge our success at Edora Express. We utilize software to help you grow your relationship with a customer with communication and live GPS tracking that allows you, your other locations, or customers to see our driver's ETA anytime they want.

Each service ends with a five-star review of the service and driver to allow us to understand how we are performing. You and your customers can directly communicate with our teams and get in the habit of seeing our purple vehicles and polo shirts.