Edora Express offers a wide variety of delivery options that best fit your needs. We know that no single type of courier service will satisfy every customer.

Third-party logistics (3PL) services are only effective when they can consistently meet a wide range of needs. That’s why we offer same-day courier delivery service, next-day delivery, scheduled delivery service, dedicated drivers for your company, and warehousing.

Our fleet includes a variety of delivery vehicles, too. From small parcel vans and sprinter vans to 26 ft. box trucks, we can quickly and securely transport and deliver almost anything.

Edora Flash

Did something urgent just come up? If it’s critical for you, it becomes a top priority for us, too.

With Edora Flash, you can have a driver on the job and on the road in a matter of 10-15 minutes.

When you choose to use this expedited same-day delivery service, we know time is of the essence. Even if you’re a new customer or calling well after our office closes, we’re more than happy to take the job. And we won’t make you fill out extensive documentation before dispatching a driver.

This 24/7 service is easily accessible. Simply request a quote and note it’s for immediate service. Then, we’ll reach out to you without delay.

Edora Next Day

Call or request a quote today for fulfillment services tomorrow. Our team can plan out the logistics operation needed to get your parcel, package, or other cargo where it needs to be.

Do you need your items picked up today but not delivered until tomorrow? Edora Express can store your items overnight and get them to the final location as early as necessary.

Edora Scheduled

Plan ahead and enjoy cost savings with scheduled shipping. We can hold onto your delivery until the time comes or pick up and drop off in a single trip — it’s all up to you.

Edora Express can reduce your cost with the most reliable scheduled and recurring deliveries. Perfect for repetitive local services.

Whether it’s a van or truck delivery service you need, this scheduled service makes the most of your resources and ensures timely and structured delivery.

Edora Dedicated

With the mindset that we are an extension of your business, our Dedicated Services turn our drivers into your drivers. Our team can take on both scheduled routes with dozens of planned stops.

Enjoy streamlined invoicing and the knowledge that we’re here to handle all aspects of pickup and delivery. You’ll never have to worry about ensuring deliveries reach your customers. Focus on the core aspects of your business and leave everything related to logistics to us. We’ll leverage our expertise for successful deliveries, each and every time.

Edora aims to give you the most reliable, consistent, and smooth experience possible.

Warehouse Services

Logistics services don’t start and stop with same-day shipping or dedicated service. Our warehouse makes it easier for you to manage available space in your business and get a delivery out the door.

Edora Express has dock-level warehousing with an ample amount of warehouse space. Timing is everything, and sometimes your cargo is in one place, and it may be hours or days before its scheduled delivery date.

That’s not an issue for us! We have enough space to keep your items safe and secure until the delivery date.

Small Parcel Van, Sprinter Van, 26 FT Box Truck

Our fleet of vehicles puts our team in an excellent position to offer a wide variety of courier pickup and delivery services. Count on Edora Express to provide whatever delivery services your company needs.

Need to start moving on your next delivery? Request a Quote!