About Us

Express is the product of one of the nation's largest and most successful Amazon Delivery Service Partner contracts. For the past five years, Founder & CEO David Looper & Vice President Eric G. Isaacs have been constructing a re-imagined way of same-day delivery that could significantly benefit businesses in the Northern, KY & Cincinnati, OH area.

Edora Express hasn't been in business for 15+ years like most competitors. However, to ensure our service is top tier, we have prioritized bringing our best Delivery Drivers from our existing logistics contract with at least one year under our leadership minimum to jump-start with perfection as the goal.

Edora Express is starting out focusing on providing the most reliable, efficient, simple, safest & cost-efficient way of same-day delivery. With the mindset that we are an extension of our client's business, our uniformed professionals take great pride in their image and understand that every delivery can significantly impact our customers, whether it is positive or negative. Edora Express has a variety of vehicles with numerous service options to ensure your everyday delivery needs are covered.

CEO Same Day Delivery

David Looper


Vice President Same Day Delivery

Eric G. Isaacs

Vice President